(from latin: Boum ductor, conductor of cattle, from greek: Butòros, Man who takes care of the cattle. He is always on horseback)

The Buttero was not only a heroic character, not only represented the symbol of that ancient land, such as Maremma, but he was above all the guardian of the 1000 year old secrets of his trade. The day of the Buttero begins very early in the morning, going to the mandrioli to take his horse. He was suppose to check the health of each head of cattle, identifying the animal by the numbers placed by branding. He had to go find any missing ones and bring them back to the paddock. He also had to check the fences, the barbed wire, ensure the security of the animals until the calves were born, bringing the true fruits of his labour.

Together with our experienced “butteri”, the participants can experience the thrill of moving the Maremma cows, the release of single cow from the herd for the purpose of dressings or other reasons. You will learn how this works, how to recover a cow who moves apart from the herd and much more.

We will introduce to you the characteristics of the Maremma saddles, the traditions and daily work of the “buttero”, the utensils and the typical clothes of the Maremma buttero. We will also teach several of the important aspects of the breeding of Maremma cows.

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We offer a variety of stays for a unique and authentic experience, linked to the livestock and to the activities carried out by “butteri” with Maremma cows raised in La Forra:

* Stay of minimum 2 nights at the Agriturismo La Forra in a double room with private bathroom (or on request in one of our apartments)

* Half board at our restaurant La Cucina de La Forra with typical Tuscan cuisine and strict adherence to the zero km product chain (own and local products)