The oil of La Forra

olio-olivaThe oil of La Forra is a particularly fine olive oil. Made with organic farming methods, it is characterized by a very low acidity level, a fruity flavor and a fragrant smell of a rich fruity olive oil.

La Forra located in the eastern Chianti hills, 500 meters above sea level in the heart of Tuscany, owns about 17 hectares of olive groves.

Our olive trees of Forra are therefore growing at maximum vegetative height.
This location altitude, together with the geological formation of the land, a floor that for the most part is stony and rocky and mainly consists of the so-called quarry stone protects the olive trees from parasitic plants.

It must be produced primarily from olives of the varieties Correggiolo (or Frantoiano or Fiorentino), Moraiolo and Leccino (more resistant to low temperatures) and Pendolino (or Gramignolo).

To be called “extra virgin olive oil”, the acidity level, which is the major quality indicator, must be less than 1%.
The oil produced from the hills of the “Forra” has an acidity of about 0.1 to 0.3% and never exceeds 0.5%.

The spicy, slightly sweet flavor and intense green color make this olive oil unique and ideal for raw consumption as well as for cooking.
Multiple confirmed with laboratory tests that the heated “extra virgin” olive oil is decidedly less harmful than other vegetarian oils, since no chemical changes occur due to the heating process

Exactly as with the price-quality ratio of D.O.C. and D.O.C.G. wines, the excellent quality of our organic olive oil is directly related to a very limited production volume and this is why it is sold at a slightly higher price than other olive oils.

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